Work Anywhere: Message from Tyler Brown (Consultant @Blended Perspectives)

September 28, 2022

Continuing on from our previous Work Anywhere testimonial from Blended Perspectives Sr. Consultant Fabian Lim, Tyler Brown has recorded a clip detailing how Work Anywhere has helped him thrive both in his work and personal life.

Currently residing in Toronto, Tyler’s condo lacks the space for a dedicated home office. However, Blended Perspectives offers a flexday membership that allows him to work in shared office spaces around the city. With this, Tyler has many locations just a few minutes away from his condo making it extremely convenient for his work and lifestyle.

Tyler also appreciates the team-building activities we have here at Blended Perspectives such as virtual events such as wine tasting, magic show, and in-person events including snow day, summer party, etc. These events spark and maintain a sense of community and connection among teammates at BP despite working fully remote. This Work From Anywhere initiative has seamlessly integrated into Tyler’s lifestyle and has made a very positive impact on his well-being overall.

With the peace of mind that comes with flexible work from BP, Tyler is confident that he can always make the right decisions that are right for him and his teammates.

At Blended Perspectives, the well-being of our staff is our highest priority so we could not be happier with the impact that Work Anywhere has had on Tyler and many other team members like him.

If you’re interested in joining our remote team then check out our opportunities here!