Work Anywhere: Message From Miles Faulkner (CEO @ Blended Perspectives)

August 4, 2022

As part of our “Work Anywhere” campaign here at Blended Perspectives, we will be starting a series of blog posts/videos within which our team will discuss the benefits they’ve seen from Work Anywhere and how it has helped them thrive, both professionally and personally.

Through Work Anywhere, Blended Perspectives has become a fully remote organization with employees who are able to live and work wherever they want.

In this first video, Blended Perspectives CEO Miles Faulkner gives some background and context to Work Anywhere and why we decided to implement it. Work Anywhere has become a key cornerstone to our culture at Blended so we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about it and why it has proven to be such a success.

If you’re interested in joining our remote team then check out our opportunities here!