Work Anywhere: Message from Margaret Till (Atlassian Wizard @Blended Perspectives)

October 26, 2022

In our latest Work Anywhere testimonial, Blended Perspectives consultant Margaret Till details how Work Anywhere deeply impacts everything we do here at Blended. Rather than being a simple company policy, Work Anywhere is a mindset that puts autonomy, freedom, and flexibility at the heart of our organization.

Margaret describes how, with Work Anywhere, she is able to both support customers quickly and efficiently while also enjoying priceless time with her friends and family in Estonia.

At Blended we firmly believe that Work Anywhere is in no way a trade-off. Greater employee flexibility and freedom do not equate to less efficiency and customer engagement. Rather, by ensuring our employees are in a supportive and liberating environment, our team are more creative, engaged, and happy than ever before. Margaret’s experience with Work Anywhere is an incredible testament to this.

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