Work Anywhere: Message from Joshua Shang (Head of Professional Services @Blended Perspectives)

October 5, 2022

Blended Perspectives presents another Work Anywhere success story – this time from our Head of Professional Services, Joshua Shang.

Like many people, Joshua is a working parent; however, now a working parent from home. Working from home presents a whole host of benefits: no commute, less stress, in many cases, fewer distractions, and financial savings. For Joshua, working from home as a parent provides him with his favorite benefit of spending more time with his children.

Blended Perspectives Work Anywhere initiative has given Joshua the time back in his life to do the little things that impact his family life greatly such as the opportunity to drop his kids off and pick them up from school every day, something he was never able to do before. As for his work-life, Joshua leads daily scrums on the virtual standups from the comfort of his home office. Moreover, Joshua visits in person whenever the opportunity arises whether it be at a local flexday office or client meetings. It’s safe to say that Blended Perspectives’ Work Anywhere initiative has positively impacted

Joshua’s life as he states “Work is as usual but now we have a flexibility of not commuting daily, having more access and more time to our families, better access to housing options, which has really enriched our lifestyle”.

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