Work Anywhere: Message from Joseph Law (Business Lead @Blended Perspectives)

August 25, 2022
Continuing on from our previous Work Anywhere testimonial from Marketing Specialist, Jasmeet Singh, today Joseph Law (Business Lead – Europe) details how Work Anywhere has helped him live and work across Canada and the UK.
As someone who was born in the UK and later moved to Canada, Blended Perspectives has proved to be an ideal place to work. With family and friends in both countries, being able to spend a good amount of time in both Canada and the UK is of paramount importance to me and, with Work Anywhere, this is something that can be achieved to both my own and Blended Perspectives’ satisfaction.

Under Work Anywhere, as long as I am fulfilling my work requirements, my physical location does not matter. This means I am free to travel between the two countries without having to take leave or vacation, giving me an incredible amount of flexibility in my personal life. Undoubtedly this freedom and flexibility, and the ability to work flexible hours when possible, has made me a much more productive employee too.

With COVID-19 meaning I was unable to travel back to the UK for multiple years, Work Anywhere provided incredibly useful once things opened up again. I was able to visit my family and stay with them in the UK for multiple months over 2021 while continuing to work full time and take a vacation when needed.

Under a traditional, in-person office arrangement this situation would be impossible and I would have to be committed to staying long-term in one location, something that I’m not keen on doing at the moment and that would be moving me towards a choice that wasn’t optimal for me. However, with Work Anywhere, I think Blended have created an opportunity in which the organization is so respectful and considerate of your life circumstances and preferences that as an employee, you maintain a serious amount of personal autonomy.

I know that for myself and other Blended Perspectives employees, particularly those with family abroad, Work Anywhere has been an incredible initiative that has improved our quality of life immensely. Personally, I’m delighted to work for such a flexible and forward-looking organization and long may it continue!

Joseph Law

Business Lead, Blended Perspectives

At Blended, being able to empower our team members to visit and spend time with family members, both domestically and abroad, is incredibly important to us and we’re delighted that Joseph is able to make the most of Work Anywhere!

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