Work Anywhere: Message from Jasmeet Singh (Marketing Specialist @Blended Perspectives)

August 18, 2022

Continuing on from our previous Work Anywhere testimonial from Solutions Architect Chris Oulahen, here Jasmeet Singh talks about the impact that Work Anywhere has had on his life.

Jasmeet, a Marketing Specialist at Blended Perspectives, has found that with Work Anywhere he no longer has to forgo or sacrifice spending quality time with his family in India. Living in Toronto and with difficulties traveling during COVID times, Jasmeet had not seen his family in India for four years before the start of the Work Anywhere program. However, with the opportunity, under Work Anywhere, to spend time with family and friends in India while continuing to work full time at Blended, Jasmeet was able to thrive both personally and professionally.

At Blended, being able to empower our team members to visit and spend time with family members, both domestically and abroad, is incredibly important to us and we’re delighted that Jasmeet was able to make the most of Work Anywhere!

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