Work Anywhere: Message from Fabian Lim (Sr. Consultant @Blended Perspectives)

September 21, 2022

Continuing on from our previous Work Anywhere testimonial from Blended Perspectives Sr. Project Manager Kristen Dawe, Sr. Consultant Fabian Lim has recorded a clip detailing how Work Anywhere has helped him thrive both in his work and family life.

Having the option of working from home has helped Fabian save time commuting, freeing him up to spend much more time with his two kids. Not being tied to a desk from 9-5, Fabian is able to see his children for pick up and drop off while also be move involved in helping them with their soccer, dance, and Taekwondo. He also gets to make the most of working from his awesome patio when the weather permits!

However, when Fabian wants to meet with clients in person to gather requirements or collaborate with colleagues, through the Flexday app Fabian can quickly and easily book office space.

This means that depending on work requirements or personal preferences on a given day, Fabian is able to make the decision that is best for him.

At Blended Perspectives, the well-being of our staff is our highest priority so we could not be happier with the impact that Work Anywhere has had on Fabian and many other staff like him.

If you’re interested in joining our remote team then check out our opportunities here!