Why Our Clients Love Us

September 17, 2021

At Blended Perspectives, we pride ourselves on the unique ways in which we are able to help customers maximize the value of their Atlassian stack. Therefore, it’s awesome for us to get feedback from customers letting us know that what we’re doing is really making a difference to them. We’re therefore very grateful to Fabian Lim from Rogers, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada and a valued Blended Perspectives customer, who recently wrote a glowing recommendation about us in the Atlassian Community Forum.

Fabian touched on a number of key points that really distinguish Blended Perspectives from other Atlassian Partners and allow us to provide value from unique angles that you won’t find elsewhere:



“They provide end to end solutions for any new processes that the company wants to introduce to the organization, which includes development, training, and support.”

At Rogers we successfully implemented a number of our Synthesis™ solution blueprints. Covering a wide range of both IT and business needs, Synthesis™ provides a framework for building and executing solutions more time and cost effectively. A blueprint is a formula and preconceived set of templates made up of issues/items, workflows, 3rd party apps, and industry best practices. Working across your Atlassian platforms, Synthesis™ establishes a single source of truth across the enterprise for real time collaboration and reporting. Whether you’re interested in Real Time PPM, Governance Risk and Compliance, ITSM, HR or much more… we have a solution blueprint for you. We don’t stop at implementation, however, as Fabian and Rogers found:

“They also provide excellent post-engagement support, which is what we value the most.”

You can learn more about Synthesis™ here and please get in touch with us if you have any more questions about how our blueprints can work for you.



“They are very knowledgeable of Atlassian products and 3rd party applications (i.e. they introduced BigPicture, Pro-Forma, Tempo, and Xray to our planning and testing processes)”

Something that really makes Atlassian stand our among its competitors is in the quantity and quality of 3rd party add-ons available through the Atlassian Marketplace. However, due to factors such as the size of the marketplace and vendor self-categorization, getting meaningful insights into which apps will best suite your individual needs can be tricky. However, through our Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) we have an unparalleled view into the Atlassian Marketplace. Through our 500 Club and meaningful app categorization we have cut through the noise and have created a continually updating database that enables us to maximize customer’s app selection. You can learn more about MARS here!


Based in Toronto we are a rapidly expanding Atlassian Partner servicing all of North America. On top of our unique offerings we also provide the bread and butter work such as cloud migrations and troubleshooting.

Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@blendedperspectives.com with any questions.