What the Top 10 Atlassian Marketplace apps tell us about what’s hot in productivity tools

May 9, 2019

This is an interesting talk I gave just before Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas – Linchpin, draw.io, and Atlassian Info Session 2019 – courtesy of //SEIBERT/MEDIA on the top ten Marketplace Apps. The blog post here covers the finer detail – since that time we have done further research enhancing one of the key metrics to include “gross gain”. This is the gain made in 6 months in absolute terms of instances of the apps.

We will publish soon a more informative summary but we can report that the following are trending heavily;

  • Github integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Project Planning (especially Big Picture – congrats SoftwarePlant!)
  • Testing (see my testing post XRay leading the pack)
  • Administrative tools to support background health of the Atlassian apps

More to come soon!

If you would like a presentation of our Marketplace Analytics and key findings, please contact us!