What is SYNTHESIS™ and Why Does it Run on Atlassian?

August 15, 2022

As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we are passionate about finding unique ways in which we can maximize the value of the Atlassian portfolio of products. From the unparalleled experience and expertise of our consulting staff to our white-glove dedicated license management team we are perfectly situated to assist customers through every stage of their Atlassian journey. We also have a number of unique offerings including our MARS™ Database of 3rd party apps and SYNTHESIS™ Solutions.

SYNTHESIS™ is our framework of Solution Blueprints that enable our consultants to implement solutions faster, more comprehensively, and to as high a standard as possible. These Blueprints cover every organizational need (from PPM, GRC, HR, Procurement, DevOps, Marketing, and so on… ) and have been implemented in numerous organizations. Whatever you envision doing, chances are Blended Perspectives has the experience or prior work to get you going faster.

These SYNTHESIS™ blueprints are formulas and preconceived sets of templates made up of issues/items, workflows, 3rd party apps, and industry best practices. Establishing a single source of truth across the enterprise, SYNTHESIS™ allows for real-time collaboration and reporting, thus ensuring visibility within teams and across the enterprise.

Blended Perspectives Synthesis Solution Blueprints


Interestingly, SYNTHESIS™ operates entirely on the Atlassian suite of apps (mainly Jira and Confluence) with Atlassian Marketplace 3rd party add-ons on top. While running a suite of complex business processes on these tools may seem daunting at first, looking into the finer detail, leveraging these powerful and configurable tools often turns out to be the most logical thing to do.

Atlassian’s products, chiefly Jira since it constitutes the heart of most SYNTHESIS™ Solution Blueprints, essentially operate as a low/no-code platform. They are incredibly configurable natively and can be expanded in any way imaginable through the 5,000+ apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Through MARS™ we are uniquely able to proactively researches the Atlassian Marketplace and sift through the staggering number of Atlassian Marketplace applications, selecting the best applications for our SYNTHESIS™ Blueprints.

At Blended Perspectives, with our combined Atlassian and industry best practice expertise, we have been able to configure these tools into over 15 Solutions (you can see the complete list here). These Solution Blueprints are existing templates that are customizable and ready to be rapidly implemented into any organization in an incredibly cost-effective manner.

Blended Perspectives Synthesis Solution Blueprints Atlassian


Running SYNTHESIS™ Solution Blueprints on Atlassian has a host of tangible benefits to organizational operations:

Increase Platform ROI
  • Leveraging your existing investment in Atlassian can help save significant costs versus having to buy an additional functional solution.
  • SYNTHESIS™ Blueprints enable solutions to be implemented at low cost with a fast implementation time.
  • Jira is a modern extensible platform with low-cost maintenance.
  • Blueprints enable a fast time to market when compared to other non-SYNTHESIS™ Solutions.
  • SYNTHESIS™ can also accelerate consulting engagements by acting as a starting point that can be customized to address specific client requirements.
Align Enterprise Practices and Technologies
  • On top of having cost savings, running a range of business operations on your existing Atlassian tools helps align enterprise practices and technologies.
  • Aligned SYNTHESIS™ Solutions help drive consistency and best practices across the enterprise.
  • Aligning technologies can also lead to improved organizational efficiency, increased productivity, and happier/more motivated employees.
Real Time Reporting
  • By making all of your data available in real-time through complex Jira reporting, SYNTHESIS™ Solutions provide incredible visibility, enabling real-time decision making.
Scalable Solutions
  • Running on Jira and Confluence, SYNTHESIS™ Solutions naturally scale with your organization.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about SYNTHESIS™ or any of our other unique offerings.