[Webinar] Getting the BigPicture – Updates from Appfire and All Things PPM

October 31, 2022

What makes a world-class PPM solution?

At Blended Perspectives, we believe that real-time insights, cross-platform integration, and cost-effectiveness are key. By architecting Jira, Confluence, & BigPicture, with a range of additional Marketplace apps, in our PPM SYNTHESIS™ Solution Blueprint we have created a best-of-class solution that utilizes the tools you already have. We’ll be going in-depth into the PPM solution, demonstrating how it can help your organization reduce costs and complexity while improving tactical team performance.

We’re delighted that we’ll also be joined by the team at Appfire who will be giving the latest state of the union on BigPicture and where they’re headed next. This insight will be supplemented by Blended Perspectives’ unique MARS™ analytics which will provide unseen insights into the entire Atlassian Planning space.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How the PPM Blueprint can provide you with advanced real-time portfolio, program, and project management in Jira
  • How our PPM SYNTHESIS™ Solution Blueprint can help you reduce costs and complexity while improving team performance
  • The latest developments in the Planning space in the Atlassian Marketplace (powered by MARS™)
  • What the team at Appfire & BigPicture have been up to, what’s new with BigPicture, and where they’re planning to go next

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Marcin Wojtkowski Appfire

Marcin Wojtkowski

BigPicture Implementation Consultant @Appfire

With over two decades of experience in various roles, including Client Success Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and Project Manager in the software industry, Marcin is an expert in building strong client relationships and finding simple solutions to complex enterprise problems. His experience and BigPicture expertise allow him to provide valuable product insights, business strategies, and quality solutions to solve senior management predicaments.

Fabian Lim Blended Perspectives

Fabian Lim

Sr. Consultant @Blended Perspectives

Fabian is a Senior Atlassian consultant at Blended Perspectives with extensive experience building customized IT solutions in the financial and telecommunications industry.  He has a proven success record at driving new products to the market and establishing strong relationships with global clients and vendors. He is trilingual. (speaks English, Spanish, and Korean)

Joseph Law Blended Perspectives

Joseph Law

Business Lead @Blended Perspectives

Joseph is the Business Lead (Europe) at Blended Perspectives and leads our MARS™ Atlassian Marketplace analysis.

Blended Perspectives is an Atlassian Solutions Platinum Partner with experience across various industries and organizations. For over 13 years our certified experts have been providing a full range of services and innovative, cost-effective Agile, Scrum, and Scaled Agile solutions built on Atlassian products – for I.T. and beyond. Our unique, solutions-based offering, is powered by a proprietary set of templates and patterns, tailored to each business practice, process, and complexity, enabling our clients to grow and achieve peak efficiency. We have deep technical skills in all things Atlassian and are also a certified Atlassian Training partner.

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