We Are Workflows

May 31, 2021

Jira is the undisputed leader in the workflows space with powerful, flexible, and customizable workflows designed to fit any initiative or project. Therefore, when ServiceNow came out with their new slogan of  “Let’s workflow it.” our immediate reaction was amusement since “We already workflowed it…”

We are Workflows

Jira has been leading the way in workflows for years now and has over 200,000 customers who would agree that the essence of Jira is its strong workflow capabilities. Jira’s extensive workflow templates (particularly with the recent launch of Jira Work Management and Atlassian’s takeover of ProForma) and its easily configurable custom workflows combine to create a platform that is flexible, tailored to the needs of customers and users, all while remaining reasonably priced.

To many of ServiceNow’s 7,000 customers, SNOW workflows are a persistent nuisance. The crux of workflows is configuration and flexibility. Since every organization and every team is unique, workflows should adapt to your needs rather than it being the other way around. However, ServiceNow workflows are known for being notoriously inflexible and complicated to manage while their customized workflows will cost you an arm and a leg.

Jira’s 200,000 customers combine to create millions of unique workflows tailored to the needs of teams. Therefore, with ServiceNow positioning itself as being in the workflows business, Atlassian have a lot to thank them for in legitimizing and drawing attention towards a market segment in which Jira is clearly the best and most dominant solution.

To highlight this fact and to give ServiceNow a chance to respond to our claims we thought that a friendly sign war in the style of Listowel’s would be a fun platform for this.

In Listowel Speedy Glass launched a sign war against Dairy Queen:

Speedy Glass sign board

With this response from DQ:

Response from DQ

Eventually the whole town was involved (including the church):

Sign war

So, our question to ServiceNow is: “Let’s have a workflow battle. Will you come out to play?”