No More Slacking: Uber Runs on Hipchat!

May 3, 2016

Out with Slack and in with Atlassian’s Hipchat…

Uber definitely isn’t slacking anymore! After replacing Slack with Atlassian’s Hipchat, Uber now looks set for a different path in its company wide collaboration.

If you aren’t familiar with Atlassian’s Hipchat, it’s an instant messaging application that binds people together in a team room. By combining JIRA, Confluence as well as the Atlassian development tools, teams can perform efficiently and fluidly. It also offers a strong persistent history of activity in any initiative. Check out how you can improve your team’s performance here www.Hipchat.com.

It is said that the reason for Uber’s move is unknown, however, Slack appears to be aimed at collaboration amongst smaller teams. Hipchat on the other hand is aimed at collaboration across much larger teams. Hipchat also offers more identity and security controls than its rival, Slack. This can be hugely important in terms of data protection for companies operating in sensitive industries, such as Uber. With Uber needing a collaboration platform that can take in large, global teams, Hipchat subjectively seems a better fit.

This article from Yahoo Finance provides some insight into Uber’s switch from Slack to Hipchat, in addition to further information on Atlassian’s quarterly earnings: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/uber-ditched-slack-employees-went-205837261.html.

It’s not just Uber using Hipchat…

The following case study gives an insight into how the US government has recently adopted Atlassian technology, namely Hipchat. OGS, the firm in question, said that “Hipchat integrations make everything easier – we can see what’s happening at every stage. This is without having to jump from one app to the other or dig through email threads. It saves us a lot of time and keeps us all connected”.

To read more about OGS and US government adopting Hipchat technologies, read here: https://www.atlassian.com/customers/ogs.

Alternatively, if you wish to contact us to discuss about how Hipchat can benefit your organization then you can do so, here.
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