Tool Chain Architecture

July 7, 2016

Utilizing the Atlassian Tool Chain Architecture to support a project lifecycle…

This is just a quick overview of how the Atlassian tool chain architecture hang together to support a project lifecycle. Although not a strict representation, the below is a way of looking at integration based on design and product features. Firstly we have Confluence that is a wiki which enables the documentation of requirements. The way that Confluence integrates with JIRA is that these requirements can be dynamically linked to JIRA. We can create JIRA items from inside Confluence. In addition, reports can be made available from JIRA to Confluence.

Next up…

Then there is JIRA, your super planning tool. JIRA 7 now has three main modules, Core, Software and Service Desk. Service Desk tends to be used for more specific support and delivery functions, whereas Core is a slimmed down business version of JIRA and Software includes all the Agile planning boards. JIRA integrates with Bitbucket via a development panel in JIRA items so you can create branches of code for specific stories. Then pull requests can be done prior to merges in Bitbucket. Bitbucket is a GIT based code repository application. Then Bamboo watches for code mergers and trigger builds. It’s a full integrated story – and it gets better.

Hipchat is more than just a chat application…

Hipchat has powerful integration features with the main Atlassian products so that as events take place in the lifecycle they all can be recorded in you Hipchat team room. Once you have a release – Service Desk can help with any issues you may have with users. Of  course Service Desk can do a lot more, such as departmental interactions. Confluence questions can be used to enable faster productivity as users can ask questions rather than search for answers. Responders’ answers get rated and responders get scored for their engagement to help with issues.

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