Category Report: Test Management

In our “Category Report” series of blog posts, we break down individual categories and look into them in a bit more depth. Today we will be looking at Test Management. In MARS we categorize apps that manage, automatize, and generally aid in the testing process as Test Management.
Test Management is a very significant Atlassian Marketplace category Figure 1 shows that Testing is the 3rd fastest-growing category in percentage terms with a remarkable growth of 11% this year.

Planning Apps in Jira – A Detailed Update – October 2019

It’s been nearly a year since we first started collecting Market place data and we wanted to celebrate by providing a report on the state of the planning category for Jira apps. Our take on this category is of course that it’s a good idea to support multiple planning approaches; Agile Scrum/Kanban, Waterfall, and Scrumfall.

A Round Up of Third Party Testing Apps for Jira Server – What’s the Secret Sauce for selecting the right solution for you?

Atlassian’s Marketplace is vast and rapidly changing and organizations have a multitude of choices for many solution areas – testing is especially rich. With the accepted demise of the old HP ALM platform, now owned by Micro Focus, many organizations have realized that they already have Jira, an excellent platform to support all of these testing functions.