[Webinar] The State of ITSM and Software Development

With the advent of ITIL 4 more than ever, IT Support teams and Development teams are coming together to create value. This is being further propelled by research on the state of development from Atlassian who interviewed 2182 developers. 59% of teams operate “You Build It You Run It” models and its the big trend in development. We will further discuss these trends, as well as the challenge it poses for siloed enterprise processes and tools. George and I will recap integration use cases between IT support and ITIL processes and development teams further identifying winning strategies for creating value in organizations.

ITSM Two Horse Race: 60% Market Share for Atlassian & ServiceNow

In Apps Run The World’s previous report ServiceNow and Atlassian combined for a market share of around 50%. Since then they have expanded this dominance and together now account for 58% of the ITSM market.
Jira Service Management (JSM), Atlassian’s ITSM offering, has impressed most over this period and has boosted its market share significantly. 18.5% of all ITSM revenue now comes through JSM.

Webinar: Agile ITSM Advanced Asset Management

With Atlassian’s acquisition of Mindville’s Insight, Atlassian is sending a signal that it is intent on becoming the leader in the ITSM and ESM space. This webinar covers how the Insight Asset Management solution works with Jira Service Desk, the future product plans Atlassian has for Insight, how Agile ITSM is changing enterprise performance velocity and the competitive landscape.