Appfire + ServiceRocket

On January 11th, Appfire announced their acquisition of 20 Atlassian Marketplace apps from ServiceRocket, adding to their already substantial portfolio for 2023. This takeover confirms what we’ve been seeing both with Appfire’s ongoing acquisition strategy and with trends in the Atlassian partner ecosystem as a whole.

Appfire + Spartez Software

With the takeover of Spartez Software Appfire have now made their 6th acquisition of 2021!
Spartez Software will bring 35 individuals (including 4 founders), 9 quality apps, and nearly 9,000 Marketplace instances to Appfire.

Appfire + Arsenale

With their first acquisition since bringing Comalatech onboard in April, Appfire have acquired Arsenale, the makers of Arsenale Dataplane – Jira Reports. Appfire were already the market leaders in Reporting (with 17,000+ instances across their 15 MARS...