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Xray Implementation Services

Of the available apps in the market Blended prefers Xray as the most full featured enterprise offering.  We have teamed up with XpandIT to offer comprehensive support and implementation services.


Xray comes with it an implied logical structure for the set up of Jira. In addition Blended has a set of end to end SDLC templates and blueprints which we can use to turbo charge your testing implementation. Important steps are as follows;

  1. Map out total SDLC including high level role of testing and automation (if this is already fully defined this step can be skipped)
  2. Define in detail testing processes based on XRay/BP best practices (can be out of the box or custom)
  3. Create pilot initiative (Agile using Jira of course!)
  4. Adopt Agile approach with sprints and backlog for operational deployment including automation
  5. Measure progress and fine tune

Blended offers a full service consulting model starting with demos and functional workshops to speed requirements definition. We can get you up and running in days with smaller deployments taking a short number of weeks. Our experienced certified consultants will be able to get you moving quickly!!

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3rd Party Apps Implementation

Blended Perspectives’s key objective is to assist clients with the adoption of great 3rd party apps for the Atlassian Suite.

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