The first thing to note is that the Atlassian stack offers a full lifecycle of tools starting with requirements in Confluence, planning in Jira, Code management in Bitbucket and automated builds in Bamboo.

All these tools are integrated and offer seamless end to end traceability

DevOps and Testing 1

The following is an example of how Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo interact via an integrated development pane in Jira itself:

DevOps and Testing 2

It may be that you have alternative tools at the DevOps end of the toolchain, no problem! They are easily integrated such as Github or Jenkins.

DevOps and Testing 3

As can be seen below, Bitbucket Pipelines acts as a “one-stop-shop”:

DevOps and Testing 4

Now that we have created the foundational end to end toolchain, we can enhance it with a testing app such as XRAY. XRAY provides the additional enhancements of test cases, folders, executions and full traceability.

DevOps and Testing 5

In addition to a range of integrations, XRAY enables a powerful approach to framework interactions:

DevOps and Testing 6
DevOps and Testing 7
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