Often the Human Resources team find themselves working with a number of different software packages that are designed to support specific activities such as performance reviews and talent management, training, and benefits management to name a few. As a result the team spends non-value added time updating various system to make sure these non-integrated systems all have the most current information.

HR has a role in ensuring that the full human potential of the organization is realized which means each team has unleashed its full potential. Streamlining all of this would lead to a happier HR team and more satisfied employees.  But just how to approach the challenge?

Blended Perspectives has the solution for you – a fully integrated solution with a suite of Atlassian products at its core.

Working together we can rapidly implement tools that allow the team to:

  • Publish policies and procedures in a central location that provides self service access for employees and reduce the need to print and distribute every update.  Easily create, publish and organize information that employees need like benefits, updates from Management, and the corporate policy on just about anything. Publish the new hire induction process and information in one central location.
  • Manage a candidate pipeline and move people from ‘resume received’ to ’employed’ with ease. Provide appropriate personal with self serve access to approved reports that are automatically generated.
  • Automatically notify personnel when a task is assigned to them.  For instance, when a new hire has been made notify the manager of the details including start date, notify IT to set the new hire set up in the system and have hardware ready as required, and notify the assign HR person to ensure the new hire package is ready on the required date.
  • Create and maintain an integrated relational database of employees and processes
  • Prioritize, track, and discuss the team’s work in full context with complete visibility
  • Leverage Atlassian team health checks and Confluence blueprints for advanced team performance including: Leadership performance, Shared Understanding, and Team Cohesiveness
  • Communicate quickly with each other and other employees through private or 1:1 chats while controlling the level of transparency.
  • Access real time reporting including recruitment statistics
  • Benefit from enhanced collaboration features via Hipchat and @mentions
  • Manage a document repository including reviews and approvals with Confluence

The solution includes the following products and add ons:

  • Jira Core – assign task, monitor and report on progress of HR related activities ( for HR and other employees) including hiring, recruiting campaigns, mandatory training
  • Jira Service Management – allow users to request services, place request in the correct queue with the appropriate priority driven by SLAs, and customizable workflows.
  • Confluence – publish documentation/policies/guidelines/procedures; self serve access.
  • Comala Workflows – add simple or complex reviews, tasks and approvals processes to Confluence.
  • Insight – keep records of assets and configuration management in a central database that is fully integrated with other tools.
  • eazyBI – augment standard Jira reporting with ability to create pivot table reports or explore different chart options and use predefined or custom calculation formulas.
  • Issue Templates for Jira – create flexible templates for Jira issues to make your team work smarter, better and faster
  • Atlassian Team Playbook – Atlassian’s guide to unleashing your teams’ potential