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Expert Knowledge Elicitation, Audit for the Preservation of Organizational Memory & Tools for Structural Advantage

The capabilities of your staff is vital. But, which aspects are vital vs. commodity? What would be the impact if any one of your people left? Most firms understands what comprises their routine business processes, but just how essential are non-routine functions & how do your firm’s strands of expertise blend to spark innovation for benefit to your customers?

Do you have the right mix of people?

Every firm needs to make decisions about the skills they need to develop vs. those to divest. Is your competitive advantage at risk because people are due to retire or move on?

You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone.

Expertise resides in the heads of the experts. But can they tell you what they really know?

Can you map out the relationship between what they know, and the blend of perspectives that meet market needs?

The move to embrace a DevOps philosophy typically requires a cultural shift in the organization as well as the implementation of tools to support improved transparency and collaboration between teams. Our expertise combined with a suite of Atlassian products, will allow us to help you to realize tight integration between your development and operations teams by implementing a modern, automated, and flexible approach to DevOps with tools that are easy to use.

Demographics are intensifying competition for staff. Sheer demographics of the retiring workforce are thinning senior management and eroding our ability to compete:

You need a plan to sustain your firm!

A decent strategy to set you in the right direction will save you many times the cost of executing haphazardly. Whilst you can’t ensure the actions of other industry players, organizations need to create processes to collect insight, continually make sense of the changing world and bolster agility to pursue and sustain those changes.

Is a technology solution right for you?

Sheer shortages of workers in the marketplace are not the only factor. Today’s youngsters have developed workplace preferences that help them be engaged and productive with their peers. Today’s internet-centric workforce are seeking out opportunities where they can make the greatest impact: and can be encouraged to help engage and coach their elders. We recognize that there are a morass of solutions on the market and we do make it our job to select one that’s right for you. Most importantly though, our goal is to get all staff comfortable with the solution deployed, without this software can become a heinous cost with little return on investment.

People centric, not system centric

Software deployment, once complete marks the start of solution deployment, not the end. With our training guidance we’ll plan a roll-out that maximizes deployment effectiveness, taking into account your existing help desk functions and utilizing a train-the-trainer and train-your-neighbor approach.

Mapping Knowledge, Opinion and Value

Blended Perspectives is a proponent of Concept Mapping for Expert Knowledge Elicitation. Concept Mapping is a methodology to tersely map out people’s understanding such that it can be readily absorbed by others, and woven into broader strategic framework of logic. Unlike Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping is rigorous form of representation and lends itself to systematic analysis. Sense making and Mass Narrative Inquiry are means to automatically sample opinion. This can be sample from staff or from customers. Value mapping is a method for showing the holistic relationships that exist to fuel interactions in an ecosystem. It can demonstrate, for example, how a network of businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits become interdependent for value-creating activities that span not only tangible aspects such as finance and technology transfer, but also illustrate the role that intangibles – such intellectual capital, reputation and social networks – play in making the ecosystem an attractive place to participate.

The Value of Intranets

Staff seldom visit intranets out of curious interest or because they have free time. They visit intranets because they believe they will be tools to help them be productive toward their personal and organizational objectives.

Experience of being productive in their objectives leads to positive word of mouth and persistence. Usability is key. If it is not a good experience they will stop visiting. Either way, they will tell others.

Success is not just about the technology, the communication, content, measurement and leadership all have great parts to play.

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