Every team in every business has customers which meaning that relationships with those customers have to be managed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes are designed to allow the organization to successfully manage interactions with customers.

Tools are used to collect, organize and track information about both current and prospective customers as well as other entities, such as products, that need to be managed. Typically this information is used by many teams including sales, marketing, customer service and support so the ideal CRM solution will be tightly integrated with other tools that your team utilizes. A solution that links the issues to the customer and provides a customer centric view of activities is ideal.

Our expertise and rapid deployment techniques combined with a suite of Atlassian products, can quickly deploy an integrated CRM solution for your teams.

Whether you are just starting to look at CRM tools, are looking to improve your CRM, or exploring options for integrating CRM with other systems, Blended Perspectives has the solution for your organization. The Blended Perspectives CRM solution is an integrated approach which tightly couples customer and organizational information with all your tasks in Jira.

The solution offers:

  • A central record for each item you are managing – current customers, prospective customers, products,…..
  • Fully customizable directories of contacts, companies, transactions and products.
  • The ability to import and export customer  and opportunity data
  • Seamless access to relevant customer information avoiding duplicate or outdated information
  •  An easy way to manage Service Level Agreements (SLA) with your clients
  • A user-friendly tool for customers submitting and checking requests ensuring requests are entered in the appropriate queue and linked with relevant customer information
  • A self-serve knowledge base which works to deflect many incoming requests
  • Traceability from a request made to resolution provided.
  • Tools to prioritize, track, and discuss customer attractiveness and opportunity
  • completely customizable status management process for customers and opportunities
  • Real time reporting including metrics by client or services etc., status of opportunities, performance against SLAs, summaries of activities related to a specific customer, product…
  • Enhanced collaboration features  through public and private rooms plus 1:1 chats  
  • A full document management repository with Confluence
  • Integration with external CRM or BI systems through APIs
  • Integration with Salesforce

The solution includes the following products and add ons:

  • Jira Service Management – allow users to request services, place request in the correct queue with the appropriate priority driven by SLAs, and customizable workflows.
  • Jira Core – manage business processes and team’s tasks using simple workflows.
  • Confluence – publish documentation/policies/guidelines/procedures; self serve access.
  • Comala Workflows – add simple or complex reviews, tasks and approvals processes to Confluence.
  • Insight – keep records of assets and configuration management in a central database that is fully integrated with other tools.
  • eazyBI – augment standard Jira reporting with ability to create pivot table reports or explore different chart options and use predefined or custom calculation formulas.
  • StatusPage – The best way to keep customers and employees informed during downtime or scheduled maintenance.
  • CRM for Jira – add CRM functions, such as managing deals, that are fully integrated with Jira