Organizations have the challenge of providing system uptime, supporting users, and managing the inventory of both hardware and software.
IT teams achieve substantial efficiencies in asset management when one tool can support different business operations. 


Better user-experience for your employees

Your employees can interact with the help center quick and efficient, saving time and providing the right assets for the right context.

Assets visibility and better inventory management

Once the ticket is submitted, agents will immediately be able to view the issue and gain all the context they need about the selected asset.

Get a complete IT Service Management and IT Asset Management solution with Jira Service Desk and our recommended integration, Insight – Asset Management.
Build sophisticated asset structures with automation and advanced reporting using a highly customizable CMDB.

Insight Discovery
Enterprise network scanning with automated asset discovery and dependency mapping.

Define custom assets structures

 Get total control of changes to all your assets. Visualize asset dependencies and map dependency with impact analysis.

Detailed view of every asset

Define and audit every asset to ensure compliance and enable change management reporting.

Resolve issues automatically with triggers and actions

The powerful automation framework in Insight lets you establish rules to update assets, Jira issues and external systems.

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