Premier Support offers Atlassian’ highest level of support, including coverage for all of your Atlassian applications and 24/7 access to a team of dedicated senior support engineers.

Extent and breadth of experience
Direct access to our support engineers provides high quality coverage for all issues. Our experienced support team has a strong knowledge of all products, identified issues and workarounds providing the quickest time to solve your issues.

As you scale and experience growth in your Atlassian products, there will constantly be a support option for you. Choose the right service level and cost for your organization so you can make the most out of your implementation.

Initial response times
When issues arise in your Atlassian applications, response time matters. Our coverage SLAs provide initial response times, helping you better reach out to your users and fix issues faster.

Cloud Deployment

Features Premium Support
Self-help Resources
Community Support
Support Portal
Hours of Availability L1: 24/7
L2: 24/5
L3,L4: 9/5
Support Team Weekdays – Premium Team
Weekends – Standard Team
Price Bundled with Premium product license
Production Application Down (L1) 1 hr
Serious Degradation (L2) 2 hr
Moderate Impact (L3) 1 Business day
Limited Impact (L4) 2 Business days

Server and Data Center Deployment

Features Premier Support
Self-help Resources
Community Support
Support Portal
Hours of Availability 24/7
Support Team Dedicated Senior Support Team
Phone Support All tickets
On-Call Upgrade Coverage
On-boarding & Application Health Checks
Price Contact us
Production Application Down (L1) 30 min
Serious Degradation (L2) 2 hr
Moderate Impact (L3) 8 hr
Limited Impact (L4) 24 hr

Premier Support Key Benefits & Details

  • Account-wide coverage – Premier support is an account wide service that encompasses all of your installed Atlassian products and Atlassian plug-ins.
  • Direct access and phone support from a dedicated senior support team  – All Premier Support tickets are handled and answered to by advanced senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to better aid customers with complex environments and mission critical needs. Phone support and daily/weekly conference calls are highly leveraged during critical issue resolution.
  • Development team priority  – Higher priority queue placement is given to Premier Support customers when issues have to be escalated through to our development organization for assistance or fixes.
  • 24 x 7 phone support – Local regional phone numbers are given out to all Premier Support customers and phones are covered 24×7 to guarantee that you can connect with an engineer directly to assist you and to more quickly understand your issue without causing you to wait for multiple ticket bounces.
  • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks  – Our team is adapted to screen-sharing sessions with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.
  • Weekend coverage  – Premier Support customers receive weekend support for their products, select server and data center support customers do not receive weekend coverage. Please click the link below for supplementary details as some products are excluded from coverage and/or restricted by severity.
  • Account on-boarding – Our team records your hardware, software, network, and configuration details during a series of on-boarding calls and discussions to ensure we have your specific environment information available before your first ticket is filed, significantly reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for each follow-on issue.
  • Health Checks – During on-boarding our team performs health checks and performs best practice analysis across each of the Atlassian systems. Customers can also request that new health checks be performed during upgrades on both staging and production environments, which assists with further trouble free upgrade experiences.