The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a popular method to essentially allow any organization of any size to scale Agile teams. This is especially important for large organizations and enterprises who may find it more difficult to become agile due to their massive scale, however values the benefits of the Agile Methodology.

The Atlassian Suite works particularly well with SAFe and is of great use when implementing SAFe in any organization because it’s so flexible. With each tool providing a different benefit, Atlassian tools are the ideal set that compliment any implementation of SAFe.

SAFe Blended Perspective process:

  1. Lean Agile Transformation/Systems Thinking /Value Stream Identification
  2. Clearly defined objectives and measurable outcomes/Key Results
  3. Business Technology Partnership
  4. Learning Agility And Sustaining Lean-Agile Cultures
  5. Building Lean-Agile Portfolios
  6. Coaching Enterprise Agility/Agility Health Check
  7. Enterprise Agility Tools & Training

With our experienced team, we, at Blended Perspectives, can help you not only better understand the importance of going Agile, but also the implementation of SAFe and the Atlassian Suite.

We partner with businesses to simplify the complex challenges of an Enterprise Agile Transformation. 

SAFe assists businesses tackle challenges associated with creating and eventually delivering top quality enterprise class software within a reasonable timeframe. SAFe is a structured scaled model for Agile teams to build functionality towards larger functional areas such as web platforms and other complex systems. 

The Atlassian Suite provides the ideal tool set for implementing SAFe in any enterprise. We use JIRA plus Portfolio for JIRA in our implementations of SAFe. In terms of JIRA, we customize at the project level, towards SAFe – it is the project that the teams belong to and this that hold their work. It also allows individuals to have Kanban on Scrum boards depending on their SAFe level as discussed above. JIRA’s flexibility allows for different issue types within the same project to have different workflows, allowing for implementing Safe’s Kanban boards exactly to spec. JIRA also has tight integrations with coding tools and continuous dev tools useful for any enterprise. Furthermore, JIRA extends transparency all the way into code, through to Bamboo for deployments and back to Confluence for requirements. 
Portfolio for JIRA holds the hierarchy between the “artifacts” and provides a top-down view of your organization. Portfolio also allows cross product releases to allow agile teams to work towards the same program increments from within their own projects. We also use Confluence for documentation as it is a useful and important tool to ensure alignment and application documentation. 

Download our whitepaper SAFe Atlassian Style (Updated version with SAFe 4.5) for a better understanding of Scaled Agile’s SAFe methodology and its implementation with the Atlassian Suite.