Realizing the Power of Jira Reporting and Dashboards

Official Atlassian Course: Realizing the Power of Jira Reporting and Dashboards

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This course is for those who are new to Jira dashboards and reports. You’ll learn how to use Jira’s out-of-the box reporting and dashboard capabilities to view and assess progress and bottlenecks within projects. In hands-on exercises, you’ll create and configure a project dashboard and learn how to configure dashboard gadgets. You’ll also learn how to read Jira agile reports, configure a wallboard, and create a multi-project dashboard. The course discusses dashboard best practices and pitfalls and how to ensure your reporting reflects the right metrics at the right time. This course should put you on the path to using one of Jira’s core strengths: displaying project status visually on fully customizable dashboards.

This is an official Atlassian University courseIncludes hands-on exercises with a lab workbook and a slide deck provided in PDF format. Upon course completion attendees receive a certificate from Atlassian University.


This is an intermediate level course designed for Jira Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and Jira software users.


6 hours

Suggested Pre-requisites

  • Basic familiarity of Jira Software to include:
    • Navigating through the UI
    • Viewing Boards
    • Viewing Issues
  • Basic understanding of Jira Workflows
  • Basic understanding of Jira Filters to include
    • Sharing filters with other Jira users
    • Setting filter permissions
    • Using Advanced editor to enter filter query

High Level Topics

  1. Reports
  2. Dashboards/Gadgets
  3. Jira/Confluence report integration
  4. Jira filters as gadget data sources
  5. Sharing Jira Information
  6. Wallboards

Course Objectives

  • Create and configure reports
  • Create and configure dashboards
  • Use filters as the data sources for dashboards
  • Select the appropriate report/gadget to answer a question, given a scenario
  • Read and interpret reports and gadgets
  • Select gadgets for use in Wallboards
  • Create and configure Wallboards
  • Use Jira gadgets within Confluence
  • Configure appropriate access to reports
  • Share dashboards