Getting Started with Jira Software Server

Official Atlassian Course: Getting Started with Jira Software Server

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This course, Getting Started with Jira Software, teaches the basics of using Jira Software to facilitate and manage agile software development projects. It covers the main tasks performed by the product owner, the scrum master, and the development team. Topics include an overview of the Agile Scrum development process, as well as a solid introduction to creating and configuring a Scrum board, managing the backlog, planning and creating a sprint, and running the active sprint. It also provides an overview of the reporting capabilities of Jira Software.

This is an official Atlassian University course.  Includes hands-on exercises with a lab workbook and a slide deck provided in PDF format. Upon course completion attendees receive a certificate from Atlassian University.


Agile developers, agile coaches, scrum masters, team leads, project managers, product owners.  Anyone who uses Jira Software to manage Agile development.


3.5 hours

Suggested Pre-requisites

Jira Server Essentials or equivalent experience using Jira. A basic understanding of Jira Software, including creating and transitioning issues, creating and editing basic JQL queries. Practical knowledge of the Agile process and Scrum.


  • Scrum in Jira Software
  • Creating an Agile Board
  • Managing the Backlog
  • Active Sprints
  • Reports

Course Objectives

  • Describe the Scrum software development process and how it’s implemented in Jira Software
  • Create an Agile Scrum board and perform general configuration of the board
  • Groom the backlog and plan the sprint
  • Prioritize issues and group them into epics and versions
  • Estimate stories and create a sprint backlog
  • Configure the board to add columns, swimlanes, and quick filters
  • Map statuses to columns, transition stories across the board to “Done”
  • Identify and use appropriately the 3 most common reports for Scrum development