Scripting & Automation Tools: Are they Always the Answer?

August 24, 2020

When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. 

Atlassian Partners and app vendors that make and sell scripting and automation tools too often push the idea that scripting or automation are the solutions to every problem. While the usefulness of these tools is undeniable, they are not always the answer. Our full report on Scripting & Automation apps in the marketplace discusses this category and helps you understand what these apps do, what use cases they support are, and how to decide which apps are best for you. What you want to avoid for your Atlassian stack is using scripting for everything. You also want to avoid the idea that scripting tools should be the foundation for more functionality in complex use cases. Today there are visual tools that enable faster and easier support for complex use cases.  

In our category report, we closely analyzed the various apps available and the use cases.  In summary, we have developed a model to relate products to use cases see below. The full whitepaper and webinar can be found here:

In the graph below we recommend that solutions for simpler use cases leverage apps that make use of automation and visual modelling that are more modular, rather than full-on scripting for every use case.

Below we’ve mapped the products in the market vs the use case model. In fact, Automation for Jira has just been acquired by Atlassian for this very reason. 

So when you’re looking to make decisions about your Atlassian infrastructure don’t just buy hammers!! For independent advice and all things Atlassian please check us out – Join our mailing list

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