SAFe Atlassian Style (Updated version with SAFe 4.5)

September 14, 2017

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This paper aims to better the reader’s understanding of Scaled Agile’s SAFe methodology and its implementation with the Atlassian Suite. In addition to enriching the reader’s understanding of SAFe, this paper will also explore Blended Perspectives’ take on SAFe and what solutions we have to offer. We use a specific set of tools when it comes to our implementation and configuration of SAFe. In addition we discuss what’s new in SAFe 4.5. It’s important to note that Blended Perspectives take an agnostic position on methodologies but will always identify pros and cons based on our implementation experience.

To illustrate: one team decides to define a bug only as a software problem; either confirmed or validated. A second team declares all “user initiated issues” as bugs, closed after analysis if the bugs actually turn out to be a different kind of problem (e.g. the user actually wanted the system to behave in a particular way).

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