Real Time PPM (Portfolio & Project Management) webinar follow-up- survey results

April 28, 2020

A few days ago, I hosted a webinar entitled “Real Time PPM”, and it was our best-attended webinar ever. With over 200 attendees at the high point, it is clear that this subject is becoming increasingly popular and important to many people. We had attendees from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, all coming from interesting and varying organizations, highlighting how universal PPM has become.

During the presentation, we asked the attendees several questions to get a better feel for the audiences’ makeup and particular needs and interests, and below are some of the results.

The first question, on whether they use Atlassian products, was as you can see, a resounding majority “yes”, with just over 77% of responders saying that they do use Atlassian.  As part of any real time PPM solution, our case is that if you already have the application, then it can act as “no cost” foundation for additional apps that enable the real time solution. 

If you are laying expensive dollars for another application – its really a double benefit in that you would be enabling a better overall solution and saving money. 

The second question was less binary, asking people what they are using their Atlassian products for, with over 50% of respondents using them for Kanban and Agile development/Scrum purposes. Again with just 7% of respondents using Jira for Portfolio management and 11% using it for Program management, there is a lot of upside for organizations to gain better value from their Atlassian apps.

We further wanted to understand the extent to which time management was being supported, this is a critical component of any PPM. By this we mean that work items are actually tracked with time spent rather than “account codes”.

We see that time-tracking tools are increasing in popularity: Jira and other stand-alone tools account for 60% of the responses, with only 20% still not tracking their employees’ time. Yet the number of companies using a “stand alone tool”, signals the issues and challenges of creating a real time PPM.

Status and Barriers to Success

It’s safe to say that most organizations would want a real time PPM, so we have asked questions relating to where they are at and what’s getting in their way.  As far as the extent to which organizations regard themselves as having a real time PPM it seems very few consider themselves as reaching this capability.  Certainly the majority want to do it but so far have not yet made the leap.

In analyzing the respondent’s answers to the question: “What’s the biggest hurdle to seamless/efficient PPM”, we see a breadth of different issues people face, with our 5 main categories each showing a sizable response, but over 20% indicating “Other”.

This shows just how individual the implementation process is, and that each organization struggles with their own unique set of issues.

You can watch the webinar’s recording using this form: