Toolkit Plugin for Jira

Toolkit Plugin for Jira 1

Toolkit Plugin for Jira

Group issues by participant
Find trends that may be taking place at an external site. Group issues by assignee or reporter email domain help visualize where issues may be hiding in the field.

Highlight pending issues
Effective external collaboration requires timely followup to customers. The last public comment date field highlights issues that require internal feedback from the product team.

Find high traffic issues
The Jira Toolkit Plugin highlights issues that receive a lot of comments and attachments. Include these columns to list view to easily see which issues may require attention or are taking a lot of collaborative work to iron out.

Toolkit Plugin for Jira 3

Blended Perspectives's key objective is to assist clients with the adoption of great 3rd party apps for the Atlassian Suite.

Based on our experience working with our clients and our in-depth research into the Atlassian Marketplace ecosystem. Sorting through the thousands of apps available, finding the hidden diamonds, can be quite a difficult and time-consuming task. This is where our unique expertise in the market can help you by analyzing and identifying the right apps to support your successful adoption of Atlassian tools.

Our Blended Perspectives' apps categories are listed below:

  • Administration
  • Atlassian
  • Business Analysis
  • Code Build
  • Code Management
  • Collaboration
  • CRM
  • Database
  • Diagramming
  • Email
  • Forms
  • Integration
  • Intranet
  • Mobile
  • Planning
  • Publishing
  • Reporting
  • Requirements Management
  • Scripting/Automation
  • Security
  • Test Management
  • Time Management
  • Translation
  • Utilities
  • Workflows

If you are looking for an independent, objective Category Performance Report of the apps you have today and those that you are considering please contact us!

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