ProForma: Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

ProForma: Forms & Custom Fields for Jira

ProForma for Jira – the app/plugin for creating forms in Jira. Using ProForma means better forms, better checklists, and fewer custom fields. Key features like conditional logic, form automation and linking form fields to Jira fields, make ProForma for Jira a perfect solution for teams that want to:

  • Provide one-touch service in JSD;
  • Simplify Jira administration and reduce custom fields;
  • Enjoy cleaner, better structured, data with flexible viewing options;
  • Reduce the need for custom fields;
  • Use Jira in highly regulated industries with strict compliance requirements;
  • Move legacy processes into Jira;
  • Expand Jira to non-tech teams.

ProForma is brought to you by ThinkTilt.


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