Automation for Jira

Automation for Jira

Automation for Jira (from Code Barrel) is an app that allows anyone to automate and extend Jira easily. Using an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can create rules in minutes without any need for scripts.

Seamless automation
Save time and stress by automating Jira. No need to write or manage custom scripts. Anyone can configure powerful automation rules easily with Automation for Jira’s visual rule builder.

1000’s of supported use cases
Do a lot more with Jira! We provide you with simple building blocks to combine in endlessly powerful ways. Some common use cases include: synchronize parent and sub-tasks, track SLAs, schedule rules and lots more.

No need for multiple Jira Plugins
There is no need to install lots of cloud apps. Automation combines the functionality of dozens of individual apps in one versatile plugin.

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