Your own personal Atlassian expert!

Technical Account Management, or TAM for short, is an Atlassian support initiative that provides organizations with a designated contact point within Atlassian.


Atlassian Advisor

Your TAM is an Atlassian expert who has direct access to Atlassian’s support, product and engineering teams. They are your own personal Atlassian cheerleader!

Optimize Team Productivity

Your personal TAM will provide assessment on your business needs and will ensure you move onto the most productive path possible.

Upgrade Planning

TAMs aren’t just advisers, they possess cross product technical knowledge and can provide guidance on upgrading your Atlassian products.

Operational & Technical Validation

TAMs also analyze your business usage trends and advise on best automation, integration and synchronization practices.

Special Access

Receive early access to alpha/beta/pioneer programs and exclusive peer-to-peer events. Scheduled feedback conversations, product management and product direction are all included.

Analytics Monitoring

TAMs communicate directly with you to establish and measure ongoing KPIs for the quality and quantity of Atlassian solution engagement.

Providing a more dedicated service than Premier Support, TAMs are on hand to provide 8 hours of support per week. This is in addition to personal account coordination and solution guidance to ensure that your team is always moving forward in the right direction.