Jira Software is #1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release world-class software.

Jira Software is a best-in-class agile tool, with deep developer tool integrations, and a focused project experience for your team.

Custom workflows, integrations, and enhancements with Atlassian apps.

Flexible planning and tracking capabilities

Built-in roadmaps, scrum and kanban boards

Deep integrations with your favorite developer tools

Out-of-the-box agile reporting

Success Stories

Zenefits, which is the The #1 All-In-One HR Platform, uses Jira Software across their entire engineering organization. Labeled the fastest growing SaaS company ever, Zenefits is transforming how companies manage their HR needs, and Jira Software sits at the center of their ability to move lightning fast.

Gilt, one of the world’s leading e-commerce sites, uses Jira Software for end-to-end traceability throughout their entire software development process. With multiple development teams in remote locations around the world, Gilt leverages Jira Software to keep everyone collaborating, agile, and delivering ahead of schedule.

Trulia, which revolutionized online real estate search, says that Jira Software is instrumental to building and maintaining the best software on the market. Jira Software has enabled Trulia to scale their agile practices as the company has grown, allowing them to stay competitive in one of the world’s most cutthroat industries.