Jira Ops

Incident management integrated response, resolve, and lessons learned. When something goes wrong,  you need to empower your teams to respond and restore service fast.

Resolve incidents faster

Learn about what’s affected and the impact. 
See the status, severity level, and duration of the incident.
Interact with the incident manager and technical lead and see monitor response activities in real-time.

From alert to resolution, all the key details in one place

Automatically pull key information from chat, alerting, and Statuspage into a real-time incident timeline. 
Provide your team and organization’s stakeholders one place to get up to speed.

Continuous learning from every incident through analytics and reporting

Reports and analytics will help you understand the incident’s impact, root causes, and the results of remediation.

Jira Ops

The Atlassian incident management process uses specific tools specific:

  • Incident tracking – every incident is tracked as a Jira issue, with a followup issue designed to track the completion of postmortems (Atlassian used a heavily personalized version of Jira Software before the release of Jira Ops).
  • Slack chat channel- a real-time communication channel is fundamental to diagnose and resolve the incident as a team.
  • Alerting system – a tool such as upsurging manages on-call rotations and escalations.
  • Documentation tool – Confluence for incident state documents and share postmortem via blogs.
  • Statuspage – communicate status with both internal stakeholders and customers through Statuspage helps to keep everyone in the loop.

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