Blended Perspectives supports your organization to work out any issues that result from a migration and provide guidance and support.


Together we create and document the requirements that will define the solution and an implementation plan that will result in project success.


Involves anything and everything from testing detailed functionality to checking workflows to make sure the deployment plan works.

Design / Rapid deployment

Iterative process with you, the customer, working to design your solution in conjunction with and supported by Blended Perspectives.

  • Streamline Work using our set of templates and patterns, developed to support best practices, and a the show & tell approach. Blended Perspectives does most of the configuration so design can be demonstrated quickly as it evolves – far more efficient than the alternative options.
  • Visualize and approve the intended modifications in cases where demonstrating as the design evolves does not work effectively by using great tools we have developed


Implement the solution on the production system. Typically, it is most efficient for Blended Perspectives implement the solution on the production system with the involvement of your team as needed.


Both customized training courses and standard Atlassian certified training courses are available. Recommended for key personnel involved with design/implementation and for users to promote user adoption.


Blended Perspectives is there to support your organization for the long term helping to resolve any issues that arise and providing guidance and assistance as you continue to grow and expand the use of your solution.