Enterprise-wide reporting. Get all your team aligned at enterprise scale maximize outcomes and accelerate digital strategy with Jira Align.

Create an integrated view

Break down company silos by creating one source of truth across all teams without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Jira Align
Jira Align

Scale up collaboration without slowing teams down

Link people, work, and time across every level of the company – from strategy-setting to teams shipping.

Don’t lose sight of your transformation

Continuously reinforce agile best practices with embedded training, checklists, framework mapping, and assessments.

Jira Align
Jira Align

Drive for outcomes, not just outputs

Create an environment of continuous improvement through continuous delivery and shortened feedback loops.

Jira Align is the sole platform purpose built for Scaled Agile Framework®. Jira Align 10X comes with complete, native support for SAFe® 5.0, including configurable settings for the essential SAFe® configurations: Essential SAFe®, Portfolio SAFe®, Large Solution SAFe®, & Full SAFe®.

How Jira Align Supports SAFe®

SAFe® 5
Configure Jira Align to coordinate with every configuration in SAFe® 5.0, from Essential SAFe® to Full SAFe®.

Use the Strategy Room to establish your hierarchical organizational strategy conforming to the nine SAFe® principles.

Lean Budgets
Allocate Lean budgets to strategic themes in Jira Align’s Portfolio Room.

Investment vs Actuals
The Investment vs Actuals report monitors your execution spend against the theme budgets.

Solution Management
Help your Solution Train Engineers (STEs) actively maintain their backlog of capabilities with Kanban and WSJF prioritization.

Continuous Improvement
Jira Align’s Inspect & Adapt module facilitates a routine progress review and reflection to stimulate ideas to improve a process.

Product Management
Collect your results from continuous exploration in these Product Management views: 1) Personas, 2) Vision Maps and 3) Competitors

Customer Feedback
Solicit input from your customers with direct backlog conversion using the Ideation Zone.

DevOps Management
Build a Kanban board to visualize your full DevOps pipeline.

Flow State
Develop on cadence with built-in support for PIs, and use release roadmaps to release on request.

SAFe® Assessments
SPCs and Agile coaches can use assessments to benchmark progress along the Agile journey.

SAFe® Checklists
Create checklists to help users follow workflow steps or actions, in sequence, or access specific Jira Align pages and training videos.

Connect business and technology teams to align strategy with outcomes at enterprise scale.

According to Gartner's report

Atlassian Jira Align (AgileCraft) is by far the market leader in the Enterprise Agile Planning Tool Space