Insight – Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Insight enhances the Atlassian platform with enterprise asset management. Having business assets in Jira makes all the difference, enabling you to understand the complex world around you.

Apps from the Insight family with over 500 installed instances in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Insight is perfect for managing any IT-related assets

Use Insight to enhance any business process or to improve any business service. Insight is built to meet the diverse needs of any modern organization.

  • Powerful import framework
  • Structured data
  • Import audit trail
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Insight automation at your service

Use Insight’s powerful, easy-to-use automation framework to update assets, Jira issues, and external systems. Set up sophisticated automation rules that can do the work for you using our extremely powerful Insight Query Language (IQL).

  • Automation rules
  • HTTP requests
  • Groovy script
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Sophisticated imports

Insight comes with a world-class import framework that allows you to import clusters of unstructured data. Eliminate information silos and end up with a clear data structure gathered from multiple sources.

  • Powerful import framework
  • Structured data
  • Import audit trail
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Asset details

Use Insight to build unlimited logical representations of asset structures and dependencies. Describe any type of asset using predefined attribute types and add the required number of attributes. Attributes gives the power to relate assets to each other.

  • Asset attributes
  • References between assets
  • Rich variety of attribute types
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Powerful business intelligence

The reporting framework in Insight provides powerful business intelligence capabilities. Designing reports is simple and you can save and share reports with your team, either in Jira or in a tool such as Confluence.

  • Unlimited reporting
  • Business intelligence
  • Widgets
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Visualize dependencies and assess impact instantly

A set of graphs in Insight is used to visualize assets and their dependencies. Understand how assets depend on each other and what will happen if a certain asset is moved or removed from the structure. The schema graph assists data modeling as well.

  • Asset visualisation
  • Graphical representation
  • Asset references

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