Data Center is a deployment option providing high availability and performance at scale for your mission critical Atlassian applications.

Data Center 1

Confluence Data Center

All Confluence nodes are active and process requests. A user will access the same Confluence node for all requests until their session times out, they log out, or a node is removed from the cluster. 

Data Center 3

Jira Service Desk Data Center

Each node added to your Data Center cluster increases concurrent user capacity and improves response time as user activity grows.

Data Center 5

Bitbucket Data Center

 As your team grows, graduate from a single server deployment to a highly available, active-active cluster with Bitbucket Data Center.

Data Center 7

Jira Software Data Center

Data Center uses industry standard load-balancing, database clustering and shared files systems to minimize downtime for your users in the event of unexpected hardware failure.

Data Center 9

Crowd Data Center

Crowd Data Center is self-hosted enterprise identity management, built for high availability.

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