Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. It provides tools that encourage collaboration around your source code, the extensibility to ensure it integrates into your workflow, and the ability to massively scale as your team grows.


  • Approve code reviews more efficiently
  • Hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments
  • Easily browse code with awesome diff views


  • Have uninterrupted access to critical applications with active-active clustering
  • Avoid performance degradation as your team or workload grows bigger
  • Enjoy flexible deployment model for teams of all sizes and needs


  • Prevent errors by controlling the actions users can perform with branch permissions
  • Get granular permissions at the project, repository or branch level
  • Secure communications via the cloud using 2FA


  • Work efficiently by tracking every commit and pull request to issues in Jira
  • Customize Bitbucket any way you want using add-ons
  • Integrate easily with Bamboo using webhooks

Download Bitbucket vs. GitHub vs. Gitlab analysis

Success Story

Splunk, Declan Morris, chief information officer – “Our developers are spread all over the world, and Bitbucket helps them remain aligned as they build powerful solutions for our customers. Since adopting Bitbucket we have seen three times as many code reviews done, which frees our developers to do what they do best – build better solutions for our customers.”