Blended Perspectives provides competitively priced, full-service Hosting in Canada, in the US, or in any country of your choosing. We can also deploy to your Data Centre.


We pride ourselves in our robust infrastructure, in which over the years we have made significant investments. From our automated deployment technology, together with monitoring solutions that detect patterns in logs and server performance, our investments ensure adherence to process and efficient delivery for reliable installation outcomes.

These solutions mean lower costs for upgrades and improved reliability in operation for our customers.

Your Data Center

Want the benefits of professional installs but hosted in your Data Centre?  No problem – fill in the form, or Contact us! We can accommodate most installation types, custom configurations and integrations.

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Why host with us?

  1. Have full control over the application, with no restrictions
  2. Run most of the “Download” plugins available in the Atlassian Marketplace
  3. Be in control of what version of software you run, and when the server is scheduled for upgrades
  4. Install other applications on the same machine
  5. Use your own internet domain and SSL certificate
  6. Get hosted in Canada, or your data centre, or any country
  7. Get integrated with your Active Directory, LDAP Server or Cloud Hosted LDAP service
  8. Apply your own Google Analytics, or a similar tool or your choosing for tracking
  9. Have a say in your network / firewall settings
  10. We can give you access to the log files
  11. We can ship backups to your site

We provide hosting for:

  • Atlassian Confluence + any Add Ons
  • Atlassian Jira + any Add Ons
  • Atlassian Jira Service Desk
  • Atlassian Stash
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Simple Self-service