Confluence is Atlassian’s own Wiki application for creating, organizing, and discussing work with your teams. It can act as a document repository for your teams, or an Intranet to share information across your organization. Simply put, Confluence is a powerful engine for collaboration.

Strong Jira Integration

  • Display Jira issues on Confluence pages for a complete project transparency.
  • Add context to your Jira projects with comments, reports, and more within Confluence with deep integration and automatic linking.

One place to create and enhance all of your team’s documents

  • Create, evolve, and capture all of your team’s documents from meeting notes to project plans using pre-built templates.
  • Share and organize them in one central location for easy access and visibility.

Extensive knowledge base

  • Share your latest work, guides, manuals, and more with your team.
  • Follow other thought leaders in your organization and stay up to date with the work of your teammates.

Robust project collaboration platform

  • Make team collaboration and discussion easier with likes, in-line comments, and @-mentions.
  • Ensure that you’re always part of the feedback loop and in the know.

Examples of Services offered:

  1. Full Service: We upgrade your installation and content
  2. Just Content: We upgrade just your Confluence Content online:
    1. you send us your site or space backup (e.g. from 3.x to latest)
    2. we upgrade it to the version you specify and send it back
    3. you install it
  3. Between Install Types: Upgrade from Atlassian Confluence OnDemand to the Confluence Download


Many organizations go months between upgrading their Confluence installation to the latest version. Upgrades can be easy to put off. Unless there is a pressing need, it’s a task that can often wait. But don’t wait too long.

Why upgrade?

  • Slow incremental evolution of the application rather than big upgrades help your users experience a continual feeling of “this is getting better”
  • Functionality: using the latest tools gives you an advantage – not falling behind is important if you are competing with others in your industry
  • Support is easier and cheaper for the latest versions, and only covered on recent versions
  • Security – issues with older versions can get documented, leaving you exposed to hacking from inside and outside your organization
  • Compatibility with Plugins- the older your install the more careful you need to be about plugins and configurations

Why have Blended Perspectives help you upgrade?

  • Time: your staff have more pressing matters to attend to
  • Skill: The process involve multiple steps, these can involve require lots of checking
  • Automation: we have specialist skills and tools that can turn around the work quickly

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