The Atlassian stack can provide the capability to manage all your Portfolio needs from supporting tactical project management to your overall Portfolio.

If you are one of the 150,000 customers already using Jira, you can simply implement our Real time PPM blueprint on top and also leverage the Confluence Wiki. We make this simple for you by providing you with templates already created to enable a real time PMO, accelerating your delivery.

We use Agile to do the implementation of all styles of planning; Waterfall, Scrumfall, Scrum and Kanban. In fact any planning style you can think of! From a Portfolio management perspective we have a hyper flexible hierarchical model that allows us to manage the entire intake process and and have the portfolio reporting fed directly from live active projects. No Powerpoint decks needed!

Jira and Confluence provides a foundation, in the sense that these tools are being used actively by many teams already to undertake Agile and other project based activities. In the diagram above you can see that whilst these teams undertake their work, plans and budgets and dashboards can simultaneously be created to merge all the base activity into different reporting and tracking functions.
This means that portfolio and budget management reports are all real time.

The way that we implement a real time PPM is to start with a “pre-manufactured” blue print which has a full set of end to end processes for managing a portfolio.  The above shows an example lifecycle from project inception through to real time tracking against overall plans.  We have more detailed process maps and pre -configurations of Jira and Confluence.  This will accelerate the implementation of your real time PPM.   Our PPM implementations also involve an Agile model delivering working software on a bi weekly basis for the early delivery of value.  

Features of our PPM overall include:

  • Project intake (linkage to lines of business)
  • Project estimation
  • Status reporting
  • Timesheet management
  • Resource management
  • Project Management
  • Project portfolio Management
  • Integration with planning approaches including scaled agile
  • Budgets and Financials

Below you can see a Portfolio example view followed by more detailed financials

Budget and Cost Management

The charts below provide examples of the comprehensive capabilities for financial management, as part of overall PPM. Since timesheets is a key component of our solution and because time is captured against specific tasks, financial cost roll ups are more accurate and available on a real time basis. All the financials are aligned with the complete portfolio. These charts are just a small sample of the available reporting and analysis available.