Portfolio Management – Taming the Beast!

December 6, 2014

Portfolio management can be comparable to taming a many headed hydra…

The number one question we have been asked recently by a number of clients? How can we utilize Jira and Atlassian tools to help manage our project portfolios better. And, as always, we are more than happy to help them tame the beast that is portfolio management!

The deck, in this link for download here, is a great resource.

It covers a point of view on how many sources of information on status and the project are typically generated. This makes it difficult to have a single view of truth about both the project and any portfolio roll-up. Hence the many headed Hydra analogy; a monster which is constantly moving and difficult indeed to pin down!

Things get even more complicated if you have both Agile and Waterfall projects in the portfolio. The status frameworks then start to vary across the different approaches.

There are also some ideas and recommendations in the deck on how to harness Jira for status reporting.

Using Atlassian tools, especially Jira, to centralize all this information really makes a lot of sense. This is especially the case if your teams are already using some or all of the Atlassian tools.

Any feedback on your experiences around Portfolio Management would be appreciated. Contact us if you’d like to collaborate further on this subject.

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