Planning Webinar Recap

July 6, 2021

At Blended Perspectives, we’re keen to share our extensive knowledge on all things Atlassian through our webinars and we’re very happy that so many of you choose to join us both live and on-demand. However, we also recognize that in the busy workday many would-be viewers struggle to find an hour to set aside. Therefore, from now on all of our webinars will be accompanied by a brief summary that covers all of the key points so no one has to miss out.

Our recent webinar was on “Planning! Planning! Planning!”. Planning is a hugely significant category and we thought that it was about time for a recap, especially with recent developments–in particular Jira Work Management. Here’s our summary of all of the main points from the webinar:

The Issues of Planning in a Modern Enterprise

Planning in the modern enterprise has the potential to be a complicated set of affairs. The interplay of various planning styles, KPIs, top down objectives, and bottom up metrics will hopefully result in the alignment of realistic targets and a culture of success. However, with the complexity of this system as it is, having an approach and solution that is able to account for this is key.

Enterprise Portfolio View

Our Synthesis™ solution blueprints, in particular our PPM and Scaled Agile blueprints, help us break through this complexity to create solutions that work for our customers. In this Planning webinar we go in depth into our PPM solution blueprint.

Solution Blueprint Architecture

Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is essentially a planning tool for the business. With sleek visuals and a variety of views from lists, calendars, timelines, and boards as well as forms and templates for all business departments JWM is sure to be a major success for Atlassian going forward.

We think Jira Work Management provides many exciting opportunities in terms of enticing business teams onto the Jira platform. JWM also fits into our Synthesis™ solution blueprints and allows us to build enterprise solutions using the same 3rd party apps to gather information from JWM just as we do from other projects on Jira–this is something to keep in mind when going through the PPM blueprint.

JWM is only available on the Cloud so if this is something you’re interested in and haven’t moved to the cloud yet this is another reason to give it some thought.

Marketing Analytic Research Service (MARS)

MARS shows that Planning is the number one marketplace category when it comes to paid instances. It is also the 3rd fastest growing in percentage terms which is particularly impressive considering the high instance base it is working on. The size and growth of planning is largely being led by Software Plant and ALM Works with BigPicture and Structure respectively. Tempo Planner by Tempo is also a key player in the paid Planning space.

The largest free planning app is Issue Checklist by HeroCoders which has nearly 20,000 instances and has grown by a remarkable 25% this year.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs) to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics.

Here is the top level view of our PPM solution:

Blended PPM Solution

Project Intake: Provides basis for businesses to create new projects and funding requests. Mainly uses JSD but also useful to use Extensions for Jira Service Desk.

Project Portfolio: Creates single Jira “Project” of Projects. Mainly uses Jira Core but traffic lights are perfect for status.

Project Management & Delivery: Manages PM “Control” entities eg RAID logs and status reports (issue types) & Delivery. Mainly uses Jira Core/Software but supplemented by Powerscripts/SIL for basic scripting as well as Traffic lights.

Portfolio/Project Documentation: Confluence! Generate a space for the project – one for Dev one for PM project. Comala Document Management is a key supplementary app.

Integrated Project Plan: Planning at the development level can be done using multiple approaches including Agile Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DAD etc… with Big Picture or Structure by SoftwarePlant and ALM Works respectively.

Portfolio Views: There needs to be a clear hierarchical relationship between projects, Business Units and relevant budgets. Can be done through Big Picture, Tempo Budgets, & eazyBI.

Virtual PMO: Oversight of PPM Processes and activity to ensure alignment and the contract is being achieved across the organization & maximize the effectiveness of PMO resources. Leverages similar tools to Portfolio, in particular eazyBI for activity metrics.

PPM Portal: Provides user orientated navigation using Servado, Linchpin, or Refined.

If you would like to learn more then you can watch the webinar in full here. You can also see our real time PPM client case study with Rogers here if you would like to see the PPM blueprint in action!

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