Our Take… Atlassian Service Desk – Finally acknowledged in the Forrester Wave

September 24, 2018

Source: 2018 Forrester Research, Inc

Download paper: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service, Management, Q3 2018

We have been waiting patiently but Forrester has finally acknowledged that Atlassian is a strong player in the Enterprise Service Management space,  Gartner no doubt will be soon to follow.  We would like to make the following observations about this research;

  • Although Forrester considers the usual suspects – Service Now, Cherwell and Microfocus to be leaders, we have seen cost comparisons showing these companies offer equivalent functionality, 5 times more expensive than Service desk. This is a high price to pay for some potentially decreasingly marginal functional benefits. As Atlassian out-paces competitors with new features, we believe the old pricing structures of competitors will be unsustainable. Its important to note that core innovations in the Jira platform are shared across multiple Jira products such as service desk
  • The relative market share of Atlassian is fairly misleading in that Jira has a huge number of customers where organizations have made Jira projects act like Service desks.  The jump from Jira Software to a fully blown Service desk is just a low cost 3 agent purchase running on the same platform
  • In lockstep with the above – ESM implies more functional departments than IT, adopting service management principles. Such departments do not need or will not want to pay large amounts for unneeded functionality.  Fast and light solutions are what we see as the current vogue
  • Atlassian has more flexible deployment options supporting behind the firewall/server, Atlassian cloud, and third party hosting (which we  Blended Perspectives provide)
  • The Atlassian marketplace for third party apps enriches the service desk offering. There are currently 834 Service desk apps – by and large fully supported, making it an incredibly feature rich capability.  (By contrast Service Now has only 400 apps)
  • In organizations where Jira prevails for SDLC (nearly everyone), direct integration between the service desk and back end Jira projects is hugely efficient for straight through support and enhanced customer service

Finally, we applaud the findings but continue to encourage Forrester to acknowledge the above more prominently.

If you are interested in seeing how you can save significant costs and increase productivity with Atlassian’s Service Desk, please get in touch!