New Apps in the 500 Club! – September 2020

October 9, 2020

Welcome to the new Apps in the club! When we started our analysis over a year ago, we wanted to understand if there was any major Pareto effect in the marketplace. Also we needed a way to determine who we should prioritize in adding to our categories. As a reminder vendors self select their categories on the Atlassian marketplace. Its certainly democratic yet it can mean if you want to know who the real players are in any category, there is a lot of “noise”.

We’re now tracking 509 apps which are the real movers and shakers in the Atlassian marketplace – why? In the chart below you can see that 15% of all apps make up 83% of all instances. These 509 apps all have the distinction of having more than 500 instances

Congratulations to the following vendors for their September results. You can see how we’re categorizing them also. In September also we’re seeing an increasing growth in Cloud based apps with close to 50% being cloud only. The bulk of these apps are paid which also suggests that they are offering significant value.

Summary Vendor Name Current Year ROG Instances Primary Category Platform License Product
Easy Heading Free Macro for Confluence Shinetech Software 487% 505 Documentation Server Free Confluence
CQL Search StreamlineSoft 49% 504 Utilities Cloud Free Confluence
News Board Lite Chief Technology Solutions 41% 502 Intranet Cloud Free Confluence
In-App & Desktop Notifications for Jira Infosysta 15% 502 Utilities Data Center; Server Paid Jira
Better Commit Policy for Jira (Git, SVN) Midori Global Consulting Kft. 13% 501 Code Management Data Center; Server Paid Jira
Freemind Include for Confluence TNG Technology Consulting GmbH 12% 502 Integration Server Free Confluence


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