New Apps in the 500 Club! – October 2020

November 5, 2020

Welcome to the new Apps in the 500 Club! When we started our analysis over a year ago, we wanted to understand if there was any major Pareto effect in the marketplace. Also we needed a way to determine who we should prioritize in adding to our categories. As a reminder vendors self select their categories on the Atlassian marketplace. Its certainly democratic yet it can mean if you want to know who the real players are in any category, there is a lot of “noise”.

We’re now tracking 509 apps which are the real movers and shakers in the Atlassian marketplace – why? In the chart below you can see that 15% of all apps make up 82% of all instances. These 509 apps all have the distinction of having more than 500 instances.

Congratulations to the following vendors for their October results. You can also see how we’re categorizing them. We can see that there are a number of apps showing spectacular growth this year, including ProForma: HR Onboarding Workflow, Refined for Confluence Cloud, and especially OKR for Jira.

App Vendor Instances Instances Current Year ROG Primary Category Licence Platform Product
Simple DevOps/fix deployment workflow Bernard Clabots 574 n/a Workflows Free Server Jira
ProForma: HR Onboarding Workflow ThinkTilt 528 1254% Workflows Free Server Jira
Refined for Confluence Cloud Refined 527 778% Intranet Paid Cloud Confluence
Simple Risk Management Workflow Rhythmic Technologies, Inc 521 193% Workflows Free Server Jira
Kanban Analytics Nave 513 242% Integration Free Cloud Jira
SonarQube Connector for Jira excentia 511 46% Integration Paid Cloud, Data Center, Server Jira
OKR for Jira Digital Toucan 511 25450% Planning Free Cloud Jira
Time in status field JiBrok 507 284% Utilities Free Data Center, Server Jira


This month we’re also giving you an insight into the fastest movers in the marketplace. In absolute terms GitHub for Jira added nearly 2,000 instances, a remarkable feat. Meanwhile, GitLab’s 842 instance growth is very impressive and means it features as the second fastest growing app in both absolute and percentage terms. We can also see that COING’s free Clockify app is pushing forward and challenging in the increasingly competitive Time Management category.

Summary Vendor Name Instances Absolute Instance Growth (Sept to Oct)
GitHub for Jira GitHub 43,753 1,975
GitLab for Jira GitLab 4,744 842
Issue Checklist Free HeroCoders 13,874 532
Easy Agile Scrum Workflow for Jira Easy Agile 17,458 489
Timesheet tracking for Jira TouchDown 8,553 436


Summary Vendor Name Instances Percentage Instance Growth (Sept to Oct)
Clockify: Time Tracking & Timesheet COING 1,581 24%
GitLab for Jira GitLab 4,744 21%
Simple DevOps/fix deployment workflow Bernard Clabots 574 17%
OKR for Jira Digital Toucan 511 16%
ProForma: HR Onboarding Workflow ThinkTilt 528 15%


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