New Apps in the 500 Club! – June 2021

July 9, 2021

Welcome to the new Apps in the 500 Club!

When we started our analysis over a year and a half ago, we wanted to understand if there was any major Pareto effect in the marketplace while we also needed a way to determine who we should prioritize in adding to our App World categories. Vendors self select their categories on the Atlassian marketplace and while this is certainly democratic it can mean that if you want to know who the real players are in any category, there is a lot of “noise”. To cut through the noise our categories on AppWorld assign apps based on their primary utility.

We’re now tracking 565 apps which are the real movers and shakers in the Atlassian marketplace – why? In the chart below you can see that 14% of all apps make up 83% of all instances.


June 500 Club

These 565 apps all have the distinction of having more than 500 instances–hence the 500 Club.

By carefully studying and categorizing all apps with over 500 instances we are able to provide more valuable insight into the Atlassian Marketplace for our MARS database and Synthesis™ Solution Blueprints.

This month we’re welcoming 4 new apps to the 500 Club. Congratulations to the following vendors for their June results. You can also see how we’re categorizing them in AppWorld:

New Vendors Atlassian 500 Club June 2021

We’ve seen some remarkable growth from our four new 500 Club members this year. In particular, Even Calendar for Jira by Aldeva Digital stands out with nearly 2000% growth just in 2021. Also particularly impressive is Spartez Software with two apps entering the 500 club–this speaks to the great work the Spartez team is putting in which is seeing dividends as more and more customers turn to their apps.

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